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HAGL easily transmitted to the ground?


The feeling and extremely unpredictable potential in the first match – "Thanh-Nge derby" between Thanh Hoa (VND 21, temporarily ranked 5th) with SLNA (VND 22, 4 form). After changing the position of the "captain", the Tanha team overcame the psychological problem to win all 3 points in Nha Trang in the previous round, while SLNA did not win the SHB. DN, making the distance between the two teams only 1 point.

The new Nghe Army contract – Joel Vinicius probably still needs more time to truly unite. This also means that if you do not solve the "problem" to score, the SLNA will face great difficulties in this match as Thanh Hoa takes advantage of the home field.

At the Thien Truong Stadium, DNH Nam Dinh (VND 16), meeting with Viettel (VND 20), also matches the match, "an eight-headed, half-man person." Life Draw BD on the site in the previous round shows that DNH.NĐ is not as weak as people think. They have great spiritual strength, and if the advantage of being home to coach Dang Xi coach, this is also a difficult game for Viettel (the previous round just won 3 points earlier) the phenomenon of "HCMC".

At Tam Ky stadium, the owner of Quang Nam (VND 14) will meet Saigon (VND 19) and promises to be attractive. The defeat of the HAGL in a mountainous city has obviously brought great trust to Coach and Coach Wu Hong. At the same time, Saigon – the first round has just received another point of "knitting" (a 2: 2 draw with Coalition Coalition in which to pursue an account) in the previous round will have to be very difficult to find again. Get the same performance as the first leg.

The competition between Ho Chi Minh City (VND 27) and Becamex Binh Duong (VND 19) will also be very interesting at the Thong Nhat Stadium. The team Chung Hae Seong "won the first leg", but only one blow made them lose the first place in the "big rival" of Hanoi. The BDD side, it seems, did not fully seize when it failed to reach 3 points in the previous round. Both sides have a lot of quality players, so this match is not easy to predict, on what side the result will be …

Hai Phong (VND 15), Hoa Xuan, SHB.DN (19 VND), will also be the match between the two former former teammates of the "golden generation" ambassador: Le Huynh Duc and Truong Viet Hoang. The win in round 1 on the Vinh field in the previous round was not bad for SHB.DN in the first round of return, while Hai Phong was supposed to be empty on the home field before defender Hanoi. The situation looks pretty unprofitable for the visitors, and they risk losing another game if they do not show their best work.

At Cua Ong Stadium, Than Quang Ninh (VND 22) will definitely seek to score 3 points when getting Hoang Anh Gia Lai (VND 15). Not only home-based, the coalition also showed a good pace when he almost won Saigon in the previous round (directly on the opponent's side). Meanwhile, HA.GL has just fallen into a mountainous city before Quang Nam will face significant challenges. If this does not overcome psychological pressure, HAGL is unlikely to have a point in this match.

The last match between the two teams is at the top of the ranking: the champions of Hanoi (VND 28) and Sanna Khanh Hoa BVN (VND 9) seem most predictable. As long as the champions play better, it will be too difficult for a beach team to get even 1 point from the capital. Of course, there are always unpredictable surprises in football, and this is the reason for the board to cling and hoping. Maybe they can … be delighted, and the other side suddenly make a big mistake? But Hanoi will not be subjective, because they know that the top of the group they temporarily refused is really very fragile, may slip away from their hands at any time!

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