Friday , July 30 2021

He is in the "Vietnamese Vietnam" project but why see a new MV from Bich Phuong to see the full "mil and one night" color?

"My sister who raised up" is the last MV in the middle of the "Vietnamese Vietnam" project that Bich Phuong has enjoyed in the last two years. This project was performed by Bich Phuong and the crew of 3 songs, together with 3 MVs who steal a Vietnamese stamp of music to an image, with the desire to protect and spread the traditional culture of the country. the context. An international culture influences the Vpop market.

It can be said that both MVs who did not analyze "Love each other, do not hurt my heart" and "Love charm" are the true spirit of the project. They have both modern music that combine the sounds of traditional musical instruments, and the visualization embodies the ingenuity of Vietnamese culture, from costumes to everyday activities. .

In "Do not harm my heart," the spectacular scenery team presented the Waterfall Goal Ban (Cao Bang) through the refined scene, bringing national culture by repeating the crowd. Traditional wedding and Dao … In the "charms charms", traditional Vietnamese values ​​such as embroidery, hawkers, playing umbrellas … are pretty well transmitted.

"Love Bubble" – Bich Phuong

MV "Love each other, do not hurt my heart" – Bich Phuong

However, the MV "You lift me up" again makes it difficult to understand "deviation" image compared to both previous products. Instead of waiting for him to continue with the Vietnamese image, this MV will be directed by Kien Ung and a creative Denis Dang director to create the Indian style concept with color … "one thousand and one night" .

MV You Raise Me – Bich Phuong

First of all, it's about building the context. The rooms in the MV are at the same time having a dome architecture, a tile with color windows and a Persian country design. They all have a great, magnificent, magnificent endurance.

Next is the Bich Phuong composition and costumes and the actors in the MV. All of them have a deep position, a low key, click on the lips with special symbols such as red dots or pearls between the middle of the face. In addition to that, apart from Bich Phuong, most other characters are in the "sisterhood", especially traditional KiNa women's dress in India with stones. The male leader in money in the MV also includes pools on either side of Indian boys.

After being based in the Vietnam Vietnam project, but see the new MV of Bich Phuong to see the whole moon one thousand nights? - Monday 5.

Costumes and composition of the character in the MV Middle East heavy color.

After being based in the Vietnam Vietnam project, but see the new MV of Bich Phuong to see the whole moon one thousand nights? - Picture 6.

Architecture and Persia's patterns are beautiful across the main scenery.

After being based in the Vietnam Vietnam project, but see the new MV of Bich Phuong to see the whole moon one thousand nights? Picture 7.

The term "snake" refers to an Indian culture.

It is considered that the image of the baby dragon has a pattern in the mythological films of the West.

Many viewers shared that after the Bich Phuong tool had linked this product into a "upgrade" version of the story by the fairytale Cam. As this is part of a Vietnamese culture closest to the meaning of the sisters as the title of the song. If the story of production content is based on the Phase Pha concept, the team may bring an interesting color to this familiar story, and an easy introduction of the Vietnamese folk scene through the project.

If you ignore the general look, this project does not really stamp the stamp from Vietnam. Under the title "Sister Lift Up", the team was interesting by a familiar Vietnamese idiom to make an interesting subject in music. The content of the song is about the sisters' affection, each other in life. This is a beautiful culture of people from the past, to see in the fairy tales.

In general, most viewers still give praise to Bich Phuong and crew with MV quality, on a race round in November. This is considered to be a totally different listening and viewing flavor compared to the general product launch at the end of the year.

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