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High Speed ​​Rail 200-350km / h: Wait for people to decide


The fact that the Ministry of Planning and Investment has made a direct look at high-speed rail investments has shown the responsibility of the advisory agency for politics. Regarding the right and wrong, you need to solve someone.

The Ministry of Planning and Investment has recently heated the public's comments on North-South highway investment.

The Ministry of Planning and Investment has recommended the construction of a high-speed rail with 200 km / h with estimated investments of US $ 26 billion rather than a high-speed rail transport of up to 350 km / h. 58 billion UAH

The reason given by the Ministry of Planning and Investment is that expenditures exceeding $ 58 billion only for passenger transportation are wasteful and surplus.

It should be noted that this is a new and completely different alternative to the Ministry of Transport's plan submitted to the government. This does not mean that the Ministry of Transport number is "incorrect".

26 or 58 billion high-speed rail journeys waiting for someone to decide
This will be a difficult choice between choosing high-speed rail investments with capital of 26 billion dollars. USD or 58 billion dollars. USA

Answering a macroeconomic seminar organized by the Institute for Economic Research and Policy on July 11, economic expert Can Wang Luke said that he should not be "overly surprised" between the two ministries. because there are two different variants with two different routes. But you need to agree on both options.

"Dung Hoa" in any sense was not presented specifically, but there is one thing Mr. Kahn Van Luke is certain, that is, the investment capital will be higher than the amount set by the Ministry of Planning and Investment. The reason is that cleaning the entire road from north to south is difficult, plus costs are increasing.

Dr. V Tree Thanh, a former deputy director of the Central Institute of Economic Management, referred to the article "The Illusion of North-South Highway Construction" on VietNamNet, before answering the question of high-speed rail transport. July 11th An article that Mr. Thanh considered to be "valid".

Do not directly comment on the investment of high-speed North-South railways on any plan, because "there is not enough data," notes Mr. Thu Thanh: Economists often point out three things. One of them is the goal (whether to do this or not, passengers or freight). The second one is to set boundaries, that is, restrictions. Three are optimized.

Given that "nobody talked about 100% of the future," Dr. Vo Tri Thanh was careful when he evaluated the North-South high-speed rail, especially when there was no adequate data on the value of the target, the environmental and social consequences …

"I want to say at once that there will not be an ideal solution. Because we are talking about the future, and technology is constantly changing, costs are changing, the number of passengers is changing … ", – said Mr. Thanh.

The debate on high-speed rail investments will not end. Many critical comments will continue. But the availability of one more option from the Policy Advisory, Planning and Investment Advisory Group will help the Government and the National Assembly to get more involved in addressing this particularly important project.

But who decides between these different information streams?

Pan Thu Thani emphasized the decisive role of the head and the National Assembly, so that "this country is not without people," so that there is no problem in this country that can not be resolved within 20 years. "," You do not have to quarrel because of the problem "…

According to Dr Thur Thani, when all research and critics are on the table, although this may be imperfect, even if there are risks, it is important that someone decides to "do good". do not do it ". Since each plan has risks, the plan is not 100% perfect.

High-speed railways, the Ministry of Transport costs 58 billion USD, the Ministry of planning and saving 32 billion UAH "width =" 145 "height =" 101

High-speed rail transport of the Ministry of Transport is 58 billion UAH., Ministry of Planning saves 32 billion UAH

The Ministry of Planning and Investment reported that with a length of thousands of kilometers, the speed along the North-South axis is about 200 km / h, effective, the total investment of the project is about 26 billion dollars. The US, having reduced by more than 30 billion dollars.

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