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Italy Union vs Portugal Uefa League League 2h45 tonight

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In Group A of the UEFA League, they have 4 points and 3 respectively. Meanwhile, Portugal played two games but scored six. Due to the three teams, this is the final Azzurri in Group Three. Certainly, they are certainly the better team in the table than in Poland at the end of the board, and have broken the conflicts directly (the first criteria are considered ). If two teams are an equal point) when winning 1, remove 1 with this opponent.

Roberto Mancini officially became a new Italian trainer in May 2018. After half a year leading Thien Thanh, it can be said that he has not brought significant positive signs. The 53-year-old opens the way to Italy with a 2-1 victory over Saudi Arabia. But five games in a row, Mancini's Azzurri could not finish the game (2). They lost to France 1-3 and lost to Portugal 0-1 in the first phase of the League of Nations. Italy Mancini was unfortunately not having conflicts like the Netherlands, Poland and Ukraine in the 1-1 draw. In the League of Nations, they beat Poland in the second minute. Mancini celebrated his victory (possibly with the remaining Italian in A-League) Italy won the championship.

Italian under Mancini is a combination of ancient veterans (Bonucci, Chiellini) with young talents (Barella, Donnarumma, Chiesa …). However, half a year has passed that Mancini will still be able to form a clear play. The biggest disappointment is that, in the last six games, Italy has scored more than one goal of the game. Seleccao is welcome, all the names mentioned are completely up to date, where Chiellini marks the 100th place in the national team and is the 7th Italian to reach this milestone.

In the round, two young people were given the opportunity of Chiesa, Insigne and Immobile. Indeed, this is also the best option for the Mancini coach at the moment. In the middle of the field, "Pirlo minor" Veratti takes a packing role, leading the game alongside Jorginho mobile with Barella youth. Meanwhile, the Portuguese is still confident even if they continue to call Ronaldo (after the 2018 World Cup finals, CR7 has disappeared from the national team to help & # 39; r stars to avoid uploading.) However, Fernando Santos has been unchanged since then.

After finishing

Seleccao is now a collection of young high profile players such as Ruben Dias in the defense, Neves, Bernardo Silva in the midfielder and Andre Silva as the attacker. Of course, none of them are absent from the match against Italy. With the benefit of the home and a "catch water" decision (if winning the Azzurri still has the chance to win the top of the table, which means participating in the UEFA Champions League next summer collect four top-four teams in a List), Italy is full of excitement.

The first dangerous hazard belonged to the home side when Insigne dropped the ball into Carvalho's footprint and crashed straight in the middle of the defense before hitting a dangerous shot at 16m50 but screwed goalkeeper Rui Patricio (worn Wolves in the Champions League Champion Ruben Neves) exceeds the successful fallout rescue. Ciro Immobile ties to the ball and flies over the cross. The first half of the first half, Italy is totally overwhelmed by visitors from the Iberia peninsula but they are not easily threatening the goal when Seleccao made a fairly tight defense with a number of layers that had risen.

In fact, Portugal is not losing but this game certainly leads without fear of the final game against Poland. In addition, everyone knows that trainer Fernando Santos follows a pragmatic philosophy, so it is hard to expect "Brazil" to play beautifully in this context. So, while the one-way game and the home team attacked actively but not very attractive. In the 34 minutes, Immobile broke off the trap off the side and raised the defenders but Rui Patricio came out very quickly to neutralize the attacker's home.

Shortly after that, the ball was brought into the net by Bonucci Portugal but the goals were rejected by the Italian player before the dirty. By the end of the first half, the situation was not much better with the Azzurri, although they were very tinker with different ways of assault. 49 minutes, Portugal's goal came into the wind after a spectacular assault, but the last shot of the Sân touched a player and then went out.

As the first half, Italy still presses the patience of Seleccao and the despair of the home team. The more frustrated more and when the time passed by the end of the second half, Italy is no longer keeping the enthusiasm, the blood fire in the assault. Here is the chance for Portugal to start fired after hiding time. 74 minutes, Andre Silva, Joao Mario, took the ball – Inter Milan's midfielder in Serie A – handles a few gaps and made a shot but extends too far against the bar. A few minutes later, William Carvalho swept a dangerous shot after left from the edge of the area and only Donnarumma's quick reactions reactions helped the Azzurri to avoid a goal.

In the 83 minutes, Federico Chiesa came within the Portuguese area but no whistle was raised. Then, it was sure Scoring attempts to find out the 16m50 line and the ball has not reached the target. For the rest of the season, Italy had only a few more boring situations, most notably Pellegrini's headline in the corner and Patricio goalkeeper. So, without a loss to Italy as planned, soon Seleccao ended the UEFA Champions League team this season with the number 1 to attend the next summer tournament final . The last game with Poland was just as formal.

ITALY (4-3-3):
Gianluigi Donnarumma; Alessandro Florenz, Leonardo Bonucci, Giorgio Chiellini, Cristiano Biraghi; Marco Verratti (Pellegrini 81 & # 39;), Jorginho, Nicolo Barella; Federico Chiesa (Berardi 87 & 39), Ciro Immobile (Lasagna 74 & 39), Lorenzo Insigne.
PORTUGAL (4-3-3): Rui Patricio; João Cancelo, Ruben Dias, Jose Fonte, Mario Rui; Pizzi (Joao Mario 68), William Carvalho, Ruben Neves; Bruma (Guerreiro 85 & 39), Andre Silva (Danilo 90 & 39), Bernardo Silva.

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