Monday , June 14 2021

Kieu Minh Tuan has completed 900 million sand scandal after a love scandal

Dung Binh Duong's producer confirmed that Cat Phuong – his wife and manager Kieu Minh Tuan – had apologized and returned the pay sheet but did not withdraw the suit.

After more than one month Kieu Minh Tuan filing hearings and Nguyen scandal scandal, which affect the film's revenues Oh, do not marry meproducer Dung Binh Duong announced that she had received the money returned by Kieu Minh Tuan.

"Cat Phuong is the person who handles me money." After transfer, he said, "As manager of Kieu Minh Tuan, I want to repay the producer's money, as a sincere apology. Most of Tuan," said Dung Binh Duong.

Dung Dung Binh Duong - Daughter film producer, do not marry her mother.

Dung Dung Binh Duong – Uncle movie producer, do not marry her mother.

Dung Dung Binh Duong said that Kieu Minh Tuan and his wife at the end of October had come to the company to meet her directly to apologize and explain the misunderstanding between the parties. During the meeting, Kieu Minh Tuan received incorrect statements of a dissatisfied relationship with co-actor An Nguyen, causing the film Oh, do not marry me revenue affected. Tuan said: I'm sorry to see you now, but several times you were calling it but I was busy that filming could not answer. I do not know the loss or movie loss but I see myself very responsible for it acting Your spokesman made a big impact. "Then he gave me flowers of flowers, hoping to ignore the mistake, he also wanted to repay 900 million dollars to see the most sincere apology," said Dung Dung.

Film producer Oh, do not marry me I intend to use the money. Kieu Minh Tuan returned to the charity. However, Dung Dung does not intend to draw Kieu Minh Tuan and An Nguyen back. She hopes to meet two actors in court mediation.

In the suit, Kieu Minh Tuan and An Nguyen asked both actors to repay the filing fee and compensate for the compensation of 8%, compensation for loss, credit credibility for manufacturers. Le Trach Giang's lawyer – Dung Dung's representative – said the scandal of Kieu Minh Tuan and An Nguyen had a great influence on the producer's film and prestige but Dung Dung Binh Duong 1 million claimed a commercial claim loss. "This number proves that our company will not prosecute Kieu Minh Tuan and An Nguyen for money," said Giang.

Although Kieu Minh Tuan actively apologized to film makers, An Nguyen did not make any significant moves. Dung said Binh Duong had tried to contact the actor repeatedly but not. Dung Binh Duong recently received an apology message from An Nguyen. "She only admits that the scandal has taken place due to its distress, lack of emotional control, without saying anything," he said.

Cat Phuong and Kieu Minh Tuan at a press conference in Ho Chi Minh City on 14/10 to discuss the emotional scandals associated with An Nguyen

Cat Phuong and Kieu Minh Tuan at the press conference in Ho Chi Minh City on 14/10 to discuss the emotional scandal that is associated with the risk.

On October 14, Kieu Minh Tuan and Cat Phuong hosted a press conference at HCM City to discuss an actor erotic scandal and an Nguyen star star. During the meeting, Kieu Minh Tuan was fake and apologized to the film producer Oh, do not marry me is Mrs. Dung Duong. However, Dung said that the apology was "false, not true." Dung Dung Binh Duong that we need to clear Kieu Minh Tuan soon, we should not wait for the movie editing to be finished correctly. The producer insisted, although Kieu Minh Tuan apologizes his way, she still prosecuted to defend her personal honors.

Dung Dung Binh Duong more information, after more than 2 weeks release, total movie Oh, do not marry me only a turnover of almost 10 billion, while the amount invested by the manufacturer is 25 billion. According to Dung Binh Duong, when the Kieu Minh Tuan scandal loves love openly, the audience turns away, filming the movie as the producer conducts everything to PR. Dung Dung Binh Duong claims that film makers and producers did not know anything about Kieu Minh Tuan and An Nguyen interview. Both actresses admitted to being out of control, pushing the problem too far. This cuts the terms of the contract, so the maker sentenced Kieu Minh Tuan and Nguyet District Court of People in Area 7, HCMC.

After the young man's rubbish, Cat Phuong said she would manage Kieu Minh Tuan closer to avoiding future communication events. "Any statement of Kieu Minh Tuan must go through the manager," said Cat Phuong.

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