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Meaningful messages from Marie Curie Education Pre-School Students

At present the meeting was Mr. Truong Hoa Binh, Politburo Member, Deputy First Minister Permanent – ex-pupils from 1975-1977 school year, leaders of the Ministry of Education and Training, HCM City People's Committee and thousands of students. students, alumni of the school.

The school has named after the famous scientist

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Marie Curie High School is one of the early 20th century French-style school buildings. It can be said that this is one of the oldest secondary schools with ancient architecture. glass, the unique features of the regeneration of western Europe architecture. Marie Curie, who won twice the Nobel Prize in Physics and Chemistry, is the school name.

The school was built in 1915 but began in 1918 to welcome students. The school was dedicated to female students and was named EPS des J.F Francaises (French Women's Primary School). During the historical periods, on January 1, 1948, the new name was Marie Curie High School, dedicated to women with almost 2,500 students and 85 teachers present.

After joining the University on March 30, 1975, Marie Curie School was assigned to the Ho Chi Minh City Department of Education and Training and officially became a public school until today.

With 100 years experience, the school has many successful students, such as Ms. Ton Ton Thi Ninh, former vice chair of the National Assembly for Foreign Affairs Committee, a former 1960-1964 student, doctor – doctor Make Quang Huan, Director of the Team …

Speaking at the school's birthday, Deputy First Minister Truong Hoa Binh touched: "According to the old school, dear 40 years away, the teacher's memories are with friends, the old school student gave me back to me. In this school, I learned to practice personality, soul, ideals, information. My precious jewelry continues to strive to study, mature, persistent in life and contribute to the country, the country.

When sharing with school students, the Deputy First Minister emphasized: "Dear children, they are lucky to study the country's renewal, training conditions, learning the beautiful school, family care, teachers, society. They were aware that a school like today must have rid of the heroic battle and the great sacrifice of so many generations to come. So let's build the ideal of living beautiful, dedication: They need to work diligently to study, always aim for the brilliant revolutionary ideals and keep themselves busy with the enthusiasm and heart fire of the youth generation, trying to contribute to the construction process. developing the country ".

Young people need courage

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Student student exchange

Bao Chau

When returning to school as a former student, Ton Nu Thi Ninh shared in the conversation with students: "Get on your feet, think with your mind, mind, live existence according to his own knowledge. Today in the IT revolution, it's important not to know, because everyone is already on the network, but the difficulty is to understand. Understand, not only know. At the same time, learning is shared , and do not lose a proportion that will grow up. Young people go to the future confidently because behind themselves are the nation, the whole country. Do not think to bend & You can fit the world that the country's culture to the world confidently understands, the world knows it. If there is information to keep it n "#; The best things, the whole world will know and respect me.

In 1971 – 1974, Huynh Xuan Hoa, a nuclear engineer, was a senior technical director of General Electric Nuclear Power Company in Hitachi, USA, with a current generation of students. "To overcome the obstacles, the most important thing is to have a passion."

In the start business, Duong Huong Duong, Director General of Forbes Vietnam, said: "Starting up business is not new for young people and has failed and successful. And there is much arguing that funding is important in the process of Starting a business, but in fact, the most important human factor is the goal of success. So, all of us, no more than a study effort, always give us a sense of progress. "

For Nguyen Thi Nhuong Song, a former student from 1993-1996, now President of the Yeah1 Corporation, is proud to be a student at Marie Curie High School. The old student stated that students who have the most scared physicians are physicists and 11 have to restore the subject. At the same time self-recognition of learning natural subjects, they prefer to study social subjects and said: "You should not think well in maths, physics, chemistry to work out, do a good business. In fact, my work prove that I have the ability to analyze and a reason of my own history. "

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