Monday , June 14 2021

Moving work extending national landscapes Tuyen Lam Lake – Newspaper Nhan Dan

As recorded on 17-11, all 19 houses (walls, wooden flooring, roofing plastic sheets), every 24 m2, a total area of ​​456 m2; The "investor" has located immediately in the defense line 1 of the Tuyen Lam Lake National Women's Area, which was relocated by the investor.

As People Electronic have advised that, by inspecting local authorities, the above works do not have any building license documents. After detecting crimes, the functional bodies will force the investors to dismantle the work and restore the scenes as prescribed.

The Lam Dong Provincial People Committee asked the relevant departments to inspect and transfer a strict construction order in the area mentioned above; Tuyen Lam Lake Resort Management Board will intensify inspection and raise responsibility for management.

* Delete compulsory work on national landscapes Tuyen Lam lake

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