Wednesday , January 20 2021

Nhat Cuong smuggles more than 255,000 mobile devices worth more than 2.927 billion News

The Investigative Police Agency of the Ministry of Public Security has just issued an opinion on the investigation, sending the case to the Supreme People’s Prosecutor’s Office, proposing to prosecute 15 suspects in the case of “smuggling”, “violation of accounting rules. Causing serious consequences” occurred in Nhat Cuong Trading and Service Co ., Ltd. (Nhat Cuong company).
Among them, Nguyen Ti Beach Hang, Nhat Cuong’s chief accountant, and Nguyen Ngoc Bao, CFO of Nhat Cuong, were asked to be prosecuted for “violating accounting rules that had serious consequences. Important.”
The remaining 13 suspects were proposed to be prosecuted for “smuggling”, among them: Tran Ngok An, Deputy Director General; Do Quoc Huy, Sales Director; Tran Tat Hoa, director of Nhat Cuong Quang Chau; Le Hoai Phuong, clerk; Bui Kuok Viet, clerk; Hoang Wang Fong, head of the Apple Nhat Cuong product line …
According to the investigation, Nhat Cuong was established in 2001, headed by Bui Kuang Hui (escaped, wanted) as CEO. From 2013 to 2019, Nhat Cuong is a large enterprise specializing in mobile phones and other electronic devices, but most traded goods fall into the category of tax evasion.
The conclusion of the investigation clearly states that in the period 2014-2019, Nhat Cuong sold more than 255,000 mobile phones and electronic equipment worth more than 2,927 billion dong. Bui Quang Hui spent more than $ 72 billion illegally transporting goods from China to Vietnam for distribution, illegally using more than $ 22 billion.

Bui Quang Hui instructed his employees to create two accounting systems, in which the complete system is reflected within the company, and another system of interaction with the government, in order to hide real sales for tax evasion.

Seven people involved are fleeing the case, including Bui Quang Hui, so the police department, which is investigating the Ministry of Public Security, has divided records of “money laundering” and “bidding. Causing serious consequences” for further treatment.

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