Friday , July 30 2021

Spanish Direct against Bosnia International tonight

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After a stunning start to the season, Spain under the new Luis Enrique trainer is gradually disappointing. Three days ago, La Roja lost to Croatia 2-3 in the UEFA Nations League in a game where their defense players dreamed of sleeping. He was also the second consecutive defeat of Enrique's coach, when he fell before the UK with the same score in the October focus.

In fact, there is a lack of good performances in Spain in both the defeat of England and Croatia mainly due to the lack of active stars, who want to keep season at club level start a period of tension. Their main problem is not in quality or play.

However, at this time, the La Roja green army is much weaker. This football land is in decline. They can not play in the 2018 World Cup and most of the players in the hands of trainer Robert Prosinecki play in the middle and weak clubs in Europe, except for General Edin Dzeko (Roma ) midfielder Miralem Pjanic (Juventus)

In addition, Bosnia's lack of quality had suffered major losses as some of the central columns returned from the injury, highlighting the "artist" Miralem Pjanic after having suffered a 0-0 new pull in Austria. Spain did not have the best strength in this round, even losing Sergio Ramos midfield due to injury.

However, La Roja is comfortable with high profile formulation and Bosnia completely destructive, although Luis Enrique's coach has made nine adjustments in the starting line against Croatia. Real duo, Isco and Ceballos only have to play. However, Moratas, Marco Asensio, Kepa Arrizabalaga, Jose Gaya are subordinate to the main team friends in front of Croatia.

Of course in friendly coaches, Enrique will have to give the opportunity to new faces, youthful and rich life. AC Milan's Suso, Rodriguez or Atletico Madrid, Diego Llorente or Sociedad, Jonny of Wolves, were losing more than a hand. The only central Hermoso is Hermoso. The Spanish team attacked the assault immediately after blowing the whistle and squeezed opponents deeply back to the home to arrange defenders. However, for the first 20 minutes that La Roja did not almost create a clear opportunity even though it was completely without control of the ball and reaching the rush. The only incredible ball was probably a wrong shot by Isco out of the penalty area.

After finishing

In the 27 minutes, Suso was able to win the Isco game and the result was not different. A few minutes later, Bicakcic – who was playing in the Bundesliga – was not exactly right, Morata had the opportunity to finish the goal to bring the team home. By the end of the first half, Spain is still struggling to score unsuccessful goals. Only a bit of intermittent situations as an alternative shot by Isco, the ball sink and the Sehic goalkeeper had to give it up. The Isco team in Real Madrid, Marco Asensio has removed the first heading.

In the second half, Isco crossed the advantage of a Morata attacker who had the time to "sit in the tray" in the Royal Spanish team who launched the ball in the most advantageous place but the ball out. 58 minutes, Morata continued to show the shame The incredible gap of the gap was just a few meters, although the goal forward was exceptionally open. Marco Asensio had a delicious piece, as the goalkeeper could not catch the ball.

Coach Luis Enrique has made many adjustments in the team but the situation was not much better until 78 minutes. Isco leads the ball over a Bosnian penalty area and shoots left, forced the goal goal Sehic has to hand and player into the field in the second half, Brais Mendez went into & The net kicks the net. It's worth noting, here is the first game in the national toilet team in 1997 wearing the Celta Vigo shirt.

In the 81 minutes, Clos Mendez made his effort in the left leg and the ball went wide.

Spain (4-3-3):
Kepa Arrizabalaga (Pau Lopez 75 & 39;); Jonny (Azpilicueta 51 & # 39;), Diego Llorente, Mario Hermoso, Jose Gaya; Marco Asensio, Rodri, Dani Ceballos (Pablo Fornals 64 & 39;); Suso (Brais Mendez 59 & # 39;), Alvaro Morata (Rodrigo 64 & 39), Isco.
Bosnia and Herzegovina (4-3-3): Ibrahim Sehic; Erik Bicakcic, Ervin Zukanovic, Bojan Nastic; Amer Gojak, Muhamed Besic, Elvis Saric; Edin Visca, Edin Dzeko, Rade Krunic (Duljevic 62 & # 39;).

Cong Minh (TTVN)

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