Friday , June 18 2021

The area chairs were criticized for not attending the meeting

The Tinh Tinh People's Committee has criticized Huong Khe and the Ky Anh District People's Committee leaders for not attending the meeting and not sending their leaders to attend the meeting, there were reports on policy settlement for young volunteers. From 14 to 15h30 on 9th November at the People's Office Office.

Participants in the work session included a provincial vice president; Representatives of the Provincial Committee, the Inspectorate, the Provincial Youth Union; Directors, deputy directors of Labor Departments, Invalid War and Social Affairs; Representatives of Leaders and Heads of Labor Offices in areas and towns.

The invitation was written as "an important meeting to solve long-standing problems," but Huong Khe and Ky Anh Districts leaders were not neglected for not reporting.

Ha Tinh People's Committee Headquarters Photo: Duc Hung

Ha Tinh People's Committee Headquarters Photo: Hwng

The People's Committee of the Ha Tinh province asks the chairs of the above two areas to seriously review, draw experience and send an explanation to the province; Do not let the same thing happen in the future. The Home Affairs Department will be devoted to reviewing and evaluating the operation of the 2018 competition for organizations and individuals concerned.

According to the chairman of the Huong Khe Le Ngoc Huan area, that day he sent his staff to attend and the area will explain this. Meanwhile, the head of the Ky Anh area says he goes to the National Assembly so he can not access the facts and will check again.

Representatives of the Ha Tinh Home Affairs Department reported that the Department was annually in the direct organization that evaluated the level of performance of the units. In the above case, it is not enough to discipline but the headteacher will be considered to take an emulation point in the year.

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