Tuesday , January 19 2021

“Africa is a big stage for cooperation, not an arena for competition”


Chen Jizhuo

Africa is a big stage for international cooperation, not an arena for competition between big powers, Chinese adviser and Chinese foreign minister Wang Yi said last week.

Wang made the remarks at a joint news conference with Nigerian Foreign Minister Jeffrey Oneama during an official visit to the African country.

Wang noted that Sino-African friendship has stood the test of time and has become even stronger than before.

Even at a time when Africa was striving for national independence and liberation, China and Africa were comrades-in-arms who shared a common destiny and formed a deep friendship, he said, adding that China and Africa are both partners for mutually beneficial cooperation. when Africa develops and revives its economy.

Noting that China never invests any political motives in its aid to Africa, let alone interfering in Africa’s internal affairs, Wang said that when Africa faces difficulties, China feels Africa and lends a helping hand as soon as possible.

Since the inception of the Sino-African Cooperation Forum (FOCAC) 20 years ago, China-Africa trade and China’s investment in Africa have increased 20 and 100 times, respectively, Wang said.

China has built more than 6,000 km of railways and highways, respectively, nearly 20 ports and more than 80 major power facilities, as well as more than 130 medical facilities, 45 sports stadiums and more than 170 schools across Africa. In addition, China has sent 21,000 health workers to 48 African countries and treated about 220 million African patients, he said.

Wang said that the achievements of Sino-African cooperation have spread throughout Africa, making significant changes in local economic and social development and making an important contribution to improving the lives of the African people.

China’s unbridled efforts to achieve this goal cannot be crushed, and the hard work of Chinese engineers, technicians and medical workers cannot be ignored, Wang added.

Sino-African cooperation has been a pioneer in international cooperation with Africa and has helped other countries pay more attention to Africa and increase their investment in Africa, Wang said, adding that it is good for Africa and as a second Africa, China is also happy.

The international community has a shared responsibility to support Africa’s development, Wang said, noting that all countries should work with Africa on the basis of respect for Africa’s sovereignty and listen to its voices.

He also called on countries around the world to reap the full benefits, join forces effectively and do more useful and practical work for the well-being of the African people.

China will continue to uphold the principles of sincerity, real results, goodwill and integrity, as well as the pursuit of good and common interests to strengthen cooperation with Africa, and is ready to engage in dialogue and exchange with all parties on this issue, he said.

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