Tuesday , January 26 2021

DR Congo Single Star Targets

Three Lone Star players are celebrating after the grueling against Zimbabwe last Sunday, November 18.
(Photo courtesy: Orange Liberia)

… to decide who Group G adds

Liberia stands in the position of qualifying with another country in Group G for the UN Cup in 2019 with seven points behind Zimbabwe with eight points. The next target of Liberia will be DR Congo and, even though that game could be difficult, preparation due to the last Sunday victory would be able to trigger players to change history in Kinshasa .

Lone Star players are probably aware of where they are – a second to Zimbabwe – and the next victory against DR Congo could give Liberia for the first time in our football history to be on top of their group.
Of course, Zimbabwe has one other game and assumes that they win that game they would get 11 points and if they do not win, they would stay in the 8 points and if Liberia wins in DR Congo, they would be get 10 points.

Liberia and Zimbabwe stand a historical chance to win to participate in the National Nation Cup in Cameroon. Last Sunday Single Stars improved the chance to compete in the famous African Nations Cup, thanks to a good substitution by Coach Thomas Kojo. The star in the last duel was Sunday Unique, during their first attempt, Warriors Zimbabwe had won 3-0. So, football fans in the first place were unsure if the red, white and blue boys were able to recover from that nightmare and turn Samuel Kanyon's Sports Complex into a football cemetery for and Zimbabweans.

Even even for football fans Lone Star has turned the Complex into an area of ​​terror to any country, starting with Congo Brazzaville who fell on the mercy of the Lone Star angry players. And so when Zimbabwe came riding on the moment of their first 3-0 victory, they did not realize that Lone Star had turned into a dangerous team and were not willing to allow any team to come into the yard back.

So when the game got a difficult point and Lone Star players did not find a footprint, Thomas Kojo Coach decided to consult colleagues to bring Sylvanus Nimely to replace Kpah Sherman, possibly annoying a natural work destination to provide the links that speed up the star of William Jebor, Tony Snoti Lanfor, and others waiting for the Zimbabwe lesson. However, Lone Star had shown a little of his intention and when Nimely came in the 70 minutes and his initial run forced their opponents to reorganize their defenses, it was obvious for any good football pupil to be danger comes to visitors.

With Nimely constantly harassing the Zimbabweans, Tonia Tisdell breathed a sigh of relief and their combination, along with Snorti Laffor, was more than legendary. Everyone along the football fans was waiting for a miracle. In fact, many began to report Psalm 23 (The Lord My Shepherd) as their contribution to the victory that appeared to expose Seren Lone.

A change in the 72 minutes changed everything. Here's how Liberian's young woman described the moment: "Zombabwe's defense broke out in a Zimbabwe defense with Tisdell's defense and the Turkish attacker attacked the ball and it was Jebor's time to put it back on the net. "Is not that how legends score their goal?

And that was enough to place the thousands of fans at the Samuel Kanyon Doe stadium on fire. As the women dunched, the young men jumped for joy to celebrate and welcome the goal. With Liberia up 1-0, the Zimbabweans did not allow the goal to affect their play. Howeer, it was clear that what they lost, they could not recover, because the Liberians played as if they were fighting for their lives.

And for the next 15 minutes, Zimbabwe fought as if they had it. Zimbabwe attackers Tino Kadewere and Khama Billiat made some attempts, but as the time was hit, they would know that their efforts could not change the tendency of the game.

Throughout the VIP Lounge, President George Manneh Weah was waiting unfavorably for a win and when he came, he could have remembered his play days for the Seren Lone. In particular, one game that opened the scoring and James Salinsa Debbah scolded him, beating Black Stars of Ghana 2-0, in a memorable game that came to the fans of Liberian football until the awful hours of the morning.

The next match of Lone Star against Congo Brazzaville could be just formality as drawing could be enough to place Liberia in the second place or win that could give Liberia to the top of Group G.

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