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Flu Vaccination During BMJ Pregnancy


  1. Gray E Haber, specialist director1,
  2. Allen J. WilcoxHonorary Exercise1 2
  1. 1Center for Fertility and Health, Norwegian Institute for Public Health, Oslo, Norway
  2. 2Department of Epidemiology, National Institutes of Environmental Medicine, Durham, NC 27709, USA
  1. Correspondence to S E Håberg SiriEldevik.Haberg {at}

Vaccination of pregnant women saves lives

The article is published in Russia BMJ This week (doi: 10.1136 / bmj.l4151) provides new data on the long-term safety of the influenza vaccine for children exposed to intrauterine vaccine.1 A study by Walsh and his colleagues adds to the promising results a difficult problem. According to public recommendations in most countries, official policy in England is that all pregnant women should be offered vaccination against influenza,2 but even half of the pregnant women in England were not vaccinated during the period of the influenza of 2017-18 years.3 Coverage is similar or even lower in Europe and the USA.45 Why that?

The benefits of vaccination for pregnant women and their newborns are well documented.678 Influenza has rare but dangerous consequences, and pregnant women are several times more vulnerable than other people to such effects.4 Evidence suggests that the risk of stillbirth also increases with infection.9 Vaccination of pregnant women against influenza reduces the probability of infection and its fears. …

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