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How easy it is to make a slide show on a Mac computer


A photo slideshow can be an interesting way to memorize your trip or any experience.

And if you have a Mac, it's extremely easy to make a slide show – complete with background music and fun slide shows.

You can either create a slideshow from scratch or have the Mac's Photos app done instantly for you.

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How to make a slideshow on a Mac

If you already know which photos you want to include in a slideshow, this should be a quick and easy process:

1 Go to the Launchpad (icon of the rocket ship on the bottom of the toolbar) and select Photos.

In the lower right corner, select the Photos app.
Devon Delphino / Business Insider

2 Select photos (by clicking on the first, then press and hold the Command key and click on each subsequent photo you want to view in the slide show).

3 In the top toolbar, select File, then New, then Slide Show and finally Photos.

Go to the photos to add them to the slide show.
Devon Delphino / Business Insider

4 Add the name of the slideshow – it will appear at the beginning of the slide show, so you can change it from the suggested date on the name Apple will give – and click the "Ok" button.

5 You can change the theme (for example, sliding panels or vintage prints), as well as accompanying music and slide shows by clicking on the icons on the right side of the slide show.

Choose a theme on the right side of the screen.
Devon Delphino / Business Insider

6 When you're ready, click "Export" to change the saved location of the new slide show, otherwise you will be able to access it in the "My Projects" section of your photos.

If you need to change the order of photos, this is a daunting task: just click and drag each photo to the right place.

How to play an instant slideshow on a Mac

You can choose a theme and music for instant slideshows, but besides, they are not customizable. Here's how to make an instant slideshow:

1 Open the Photos app and, if necessary, click Photos in the sidebar and then Moments (located at the top toolbar of this window).

Find your photos in Moments.
Devon Delphino / Business Insider

2 Select multiple photos in one "Moment" (they are separated by date) – again, you will need to click on the first photo, then hold down the Command key, and select each additional photo.

3 In the top toolbar, click "File" and then "Play Slideshow."

4 In the slideshow pop-up window, select a theme and music.

Set the theme and music on the left side.
Devon Delphino / Business Insider

5 Click Play Slide Show.

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