Friday , June 18 2021

"Investigating, Arresting and Prosecuting Soldiers Who Stops Civil Civil Injury": ZADHR

Soldiers Fight Civil In Harare Protest

Self Reporter| A report from the Zimbabwe Human Rights Association (ZADHR) has urged the government to urgently investigate, arrest and prosecute alleged perpetrators of alleged human rights offenses

in their report called "Zimbabwe: New Age / Error?"

According to the report, the organization confirmed beyond doubt that it was there
uses excessive, unnecessary and unnecessary force and fire power on non-traditional civilians who held a personal business in Harare CBD.

The report, which has been dismissed since then by the army as a fake, says that medical personnel point out that most wounds discharging the entry and wounding of victims are consistent with
shot by individuals while fleeing.

Read the report:

"The prompt investigations of such a human
rights of inconsistencies and impartial prosecution of such cases are essential in restoring the confidence of citizens in the state and state security equipment.

The Government must also strengthen the National Commission for Peace and Reconciliation (NPRC) and the Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission (ZHRC) through more funding.

By writing this report, the government had taken the first steps after the president set up an Inquiry Commission to investigate the human rights abuse that is about harassment August 1 2018. Our hope and belief is that the commission will fulfill its duties without fear or favor and that the justice is served. "

Below is the full report of ZADHR:


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